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Credit union warns members about fraud

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Seasons Federal Credit Union is warning members about a scam. (WFSB) Seasons Federal Credit Union is warning members about a scam. (WFSB)

A Meriden woman said $1,500 was stolen out of her bank account, and she said she isn’t alone.

Darlene told Eyewitness News she looks at her credit union account almost every day, so she would have caught the transaction, but her credit union beat her to it and called out about the scam.

The $1,500 was taken right out of her account, by Target.

She said Seasons Federal Credit Union, called her saying they think someone had used her card without her permission.

“Someone is spending $1,500 on your account from Target in Los Angeles, CA,” Darlene said she was told by the credit union.

She said she hasn’t used her card at Target, and went to her credit union right away.

“I'm in the bank waiting in line, there's 10 people in the bank, same thing, same amount happened to them. I'm like ‘someone hacked my card.’ They're like ‘me too’,” Darlene said.

Seasons Federal Credit Union said it has sent a statement to its customers, warning them about a fraud, but not with Target.

They said “We uncovered a common thread and discovered that our cards used at this particular merchant had a higher frequency of fraud."

When Eyewitness News contacted Target about Darlene's issue, they said “There are no fraud trends that we are aware of.”

Darlene said she was told she will likely get her money back by next week, but the credit union tells Eyewitness News that it could take as little as 24 hours because they have something called provisional credit once a member disputes charges.

“Everyone has to wait to get it investigated before you get it back... You know, $1,500 is a nice chunk of change out of your pocket,” Darlene said.

If you suspect fraud on your account, call your bank.

In this case, you have two months to file a complaint.

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