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Officials remind homeowners about pool safety rules

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Experts warn about pool safety (WFSB) Experts warn about pool safety (WFSB)

Public safety officials want pool owners to be aware that they must abide by state laws and safety regulations when installing built-in or above-ground pools.

A community is trying heal after a 7-year-old girl drowned on Wednesday in her backyard pool in Plainfield.

With the weather getting warmer, Eyewitness News wanted to talk to pool safety experts about what every family should know about pool safety laws in Connecticut.

There are two key safety items that are needed—a pool alarm and a gated ladder.

"It's usually the above-ground pools that are toughest to deal with because there's a ladder involved or there might be a deck with the pool (that) is going to be installed with an extension to the house,” said Rob Kerr, a building inspector.

An inspection report obtained by Eyewitness News shows the Plainfield home had an approved building permit on July 25, 2013, but there was no evidence of a pool alarm installed, and the lift-up ladder was set in its ‘down’ position.

The ladders must be designed so children can’t gain access, and some even come with locking devices.

Connecticut state law also requires an audible pool alarm. They are battery-operated and are triggered by motion.

They could be attached to the side of a pool wall, or a floating device that also sends a separate alarm signal via receiver into the home.

"There are types that go off at the pool but something with a remote receiver where it goes off at the pool and in the house is definitely a safer product,” said Rebecca Suprenaut, of Roy’s Pools.

There are many laws and rules to follow, including self-locking gates. If you have a deck, the house door has to be alarmed too.

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