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Torrington woman shaken by close call with coyote

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A Torrington resident spoke out Friday after a run-in with a coyote in her own backyard.

DEEP officials said the coyote population has grown in recent years and the animals have been encroaching on neighborhoods.

This is not a surprise to Lindsay Parker, of Torrington, who said she and her friend were nearly attacked by a coyote outside her home.

“It ran at us while we were standing on the porch. We had barricaded the porch for safety reason, but it tried to come all the way up the porch,” said Parker. 

She describes the coyote as making a "bluff charge," a precautionary measure the animal makes when feeling defensive. 

The incident occurred after 10 p.m. She said this is the first time a wild animal has been aggressive with her.

“I’ve lived in the woods my entire life, Barkhamsted and East Hartland and I’ve never seen an animal, a wild animal, act that brave,” said Parker.

She said she had seen the coyote the night before and although the animal made it’s presence known, it appeared normal.

“We could see that she wasn’t sick, she wasn’t disoriented, she had full physical control of her body,” said Parker.

She says she is not looking to have the animal killed, she'd rather see it, and any of its young, relocated.

DEEP officials said they are investigating the incident.

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