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The Sauté Dish of Your Dreams

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Steven Wolf from the Republic Restaurant in Bloomfield is showing us how to make this delectable dish!  Click the link on the video for  more on Republic.

Seared Scallops with cauliflower, Dates and Olives    


Serves 2 people

Cauliflower cut in 1” florets- 2 cups

Dates, sliced- 3 oz

Green olives, cut in half 3 oz

Reisling wine, sweet 4 oz

Parsley, chopped 2 pinches

Extra virgin Olive oil  ( as needed)  appx 3 oz


Med heat saute cauliflower.  Place in oven at 375.  Approx. 5 min    In pan add dates, olives and deglaze with reisling wine.  Season with salt, pepper and EVO to taste.  ADD Parsley.

Separate pan Med/Hot Season scallops, sauté both sides until golden brown.