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Report: Connecticut police more likely to use stun guns on minorities

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With Connecticut being the first state the require data collection on police Taser use, numbers were released on a first-of-its kind study.

On Thursday, the Institute of Municipal and Regional Policy at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain released its analysis of the first statewide data of police stun gun use.

In 2015, the report said there were 650 reports involving 610 people. A total of 79 police department submitted reports, according to CCSU.

It said Hispanics hit with stun guns by police were more likely to be fired upon multiple times than other racial groups.

Officers across the state fired their stun guns at 419 people last year. Nearly 300 people were injured and two died.

In stun gun incidents involving Hispanics, 27 percent were shocked twice, compared with 18 percent of whites and 15 percent of blacks.

When officers pulled out their stun guns, they fired them 60 percent of the time in confrontations involving whites, 81 percent of the time in those involving blacks and 66 percent of the time in those involving Hispanics.

The findings also said that 53 percent of people shot with stun guns appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That's despite guidance from a stun gun maker to avoid using them in such cases because of the risk an electric shock would have on their bodies.

A member of the Connecticut Police Chief's Association said many times, it isn't immediately clear to officers whether someone is under the influence. He said they're making split-second decisions to keep themselves and other people safe.

In 2014, Connecticut became the first state to require police departments to report all stun gun incidents.

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