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Middletown residents undeterred by postponed fireworks

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Many Fourth of July fireworks celebrations have been postponed due to severe weather Friday.

Middletown joined the long list of cancellations, even though the fireworks were already ready to be launched.

Channel 3's Matthew Campbell spoke with residents who said they're disappointed by the move.

"We've always gone to fireworks, no matter where we are, so it's just kind of tradition now," said resident Bob D'Andrea.

The fireworks have been postponed to tomorrow. D'Andrea said the change of date won't stop them from attending.

"We'll go to the fireworks, no matter if it's Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. It doesn't make a difference," said D'Andrea.

Although they change of date isn't a problem for residents, mayor Dan Drew said postponements can be a headache for the town.

"The overtime costs are substantially higher on a holiday because you're paying a much different rate than you are for normal overtime. Doing it on a non-holiday makes sense financially and we can actually give the people a better show because we can afford to do more," said Drew.

Although many have been postponed by a day or two, some have been put off an entire week.

Scott White, who works for Bay Fireworks, said in the end he's not too concerned.

"It'll get done one way or another," said White.

We have a list of cancelled firework celebrations here.

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