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Hartford Stadium Authority waiting for new plan from developer

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CenterPlan, the developer who was hired to build Yard Goats Stadium, then fired after the job wasn't done on time wants to come back. 

On Thursday, the company said it would give details to the city on Friday, but so far they haven't received anything. 

The stadium has turned into an ugly situation and there's been a lot of fighting between the city and developer. In the meantime, the stadium still sits unfinished and no one knows when it will be open. 

"Definitely a shame it's not done," said Armando Valez, a Hartford resident. 

The stadium still needs plenty of work and there probably won't be a baseball game played in Hartford this season. 

One of the most disappointed is Charles Mathews. The chairman of Hartford's Stadium Authority was hoping this would be a home-run for the city. 

"Everyone in Connecticut wants to see the job done," Mathews said. 

They gave CenterPlan over $60 million, but one delay after another led the city for fire the developer. The city is now counting on the insurance company holding the bond to finish the stadium 

"To terminate if we were 30 percent complete, we would understand that, but to do it at this point really makes no sense," said Jason Rudnick of CenterPlan said on Thursday morning. 

The city is claiming CenterPlan hasn't been upfront since the beginning. 

"Why is this chipping, we haven't even moved into the stadium yet. Look at this, why is all this happening," Mathews said. 

Mathews is concerned about many chipped cement blocks on the backside of the stadium and lots of uneven spaces. He said the insurance company needs to have their people check and make sure everything is safe. 

"If they put something on the table we most certainly will have to look at it, but I am extremely skeptical on anything they can do. We can't trust what they say anymore," Mathews said. 

For now, the stadium sits in Hartford unfinished. As for CenterPlan, they are convinced they will finish the stadium, but the city doesn't trust them and wants someone else to finish the job. 

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