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CT residents try to keep cool in extreme heat

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These kids were hitting the pool to beat the heat. (WFSB) These kids were hitting the pool to beat the heat. (WFSB)

We’re on track for the hottest day of the year and people across the state were trying to beat the heat on Wednesday.

With the high heat and humidity, there comes potential danger especially for the elderly and young children.

“Listen to your body, and know what you're capable of,” Ed Cronin, of West Hartford, said.

Most people told Eyewitness News that they planned to beat the heat by staying inside. While others said they would be sitting poolside.

However, Cronin was out for his daily run on Wednesday morning. He said he was taking advantage of the cooler earlier hours to get in his daily physical activity.

"Early morning is the best time to get out," Cronin said. 

Summer campers in West Hartford started off Wednesday with a morning swim. 

"I got to swim for at least three hours yesterday," said an excited camper Grace McKirdy, of West Hartford. 

By mid-morning, the temperatures were in the 70s.

"You just try to avoid it," grandparent Mary Bourdon said. "You’ve got to be careful with babies.” 

Ian Coghill took his dogs out early on Wednesday because the dangerous heat could be bad for pets. 

"We keep them inside  they generally like the AC and laying on the hardwood floor," Coghill  said. 

At the Windsor Locks Day Camp, it was another fun-filled day.

"After lunch, we go to the pool," said camper Alyssa Allen.

More than 70 children are attending the camp this year, and they all deal with the effects of the heat in different ways.

"We always have cold water with us, Gatorade, like we have at the snack store," said camper Violet Hopkins.

"We stay in the shade, we eat on the benches, then we go to the pool," said camper Nolsen Perez.

Since it's so hot, doctors say the window for heat fatigue is open even longer, and the symptoms, like dizziness and headaches could be tougher to gauge with children, so that's where Camp Director Jackie Wenzel steps in.

She oversees the activities, keeping a close eye on health, and is always making sure the campers keep their body temperatures down by staying cool.

"Water is very important, we always make sure we have enough of it...they also like the freeze pops," Wenzel said.

After 16 years of running the camp, Wenzel's methods seem to work. The children have a lot of time in the pool, but also in the shade, making for healthy, happy day campers.

Directors say they tailor each day to the weather, so if it's really going to be a scorcher, they'll bring out the slip and slides, so children can stay cool throughout the day.

The Connecticut Health Department shared recommendations for beating the heat:

  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink
  • During heavy exercise, drink 2-4 glasses of cool fluids per hour
  • Avoid very cold drinks. They can lead to stomach cramps

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said that in this weather, there is an increase in ozone pollution and that can worsen Asthma and other respiratory problems.

In general, DEEP told people to be cautious when outside on Wednesday. Plus, temperatures are expected to exceed 90 degrees on Thursday. 

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