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Working out in hot weather is a matter of being proactive

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According to the experts, safely exercising in hot weather is a matter of being proactive.

Running coach James McKirdy of West Hartford said a lot of people always think working as hard as they can is the best approach to a workout.

He says that shouldn't be the case on days when they're in high heat and humidity.

"It's really important that people slow things down quite a bit," McKirdy said. "Twenty to 30 seconds per mile can make all the difference in the world in their workouts."

McKirdy said it's not a matter of pushing oneself hard. He said people will be working just as hard as if it were 60 degrees and cool.

"It's really important not to put an expectation of effort in your working," he said. 

McKirdy recommended moving workouts to early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is not so bad.

He also advised paying attention to the Early Warning Forecast.

McKirdy said the heat index on Thursday was 102 at one point during the day and 75 during another.

"It would have been better for a person to wait just a few hours instead of working out in 102-degree weather," he said.

McKirdy said otherwise, exercisers are looking at dehydration or heat exhaustion, which could send someone to the hospital.

"The first thing I focus on is drinking water every time I eat, which is five to six times a day," he said. "Every time I put something into my body, water's the first choice I have."

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