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Connecticut police respond to shooting of officers in Dallas

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Police officials across the state are responding to the killing of multiple police officers in Dallas Friday.

Police union Council 4 AFSCME said they will offer assistance to the families of the victims in any way possible.

“This act of madness has taken the lives of five officers so far and has left another seven wounded.  Council 4 AFSCME, and its Public Safety Council of 2,300 municipal Connecticut police officers, extends its sincere sympathy to the slain and wounded officers, their families and colleagues.  Our members stand ready to offer any assistance that we can to these families,” said chairman Derek Puorro.

The Connecticut Police Union said that the shooting is a sign that law enforcement is under attack.

Over the past two years, law enforcement officers around the country have been under significant pressure and criticism from what is a national trend to attack this honorable profession. As a result, a few hate-filled individuals have killed innocent police officers only because of the uniform they wear,” said union officials.

The Police Chief’s Association said the officers in Dallas were no different from officers who serve their communities in Connecticut.

“Every day in the State of Connecticut, in a similar fashion, hundreds of men and women leave their families to make our communities safer. Our patches are different but our mission is the same. While the impact of these murders will hit hardest with all the men and women who wear a uniform, we know this loss and attack impacts all citizens,” said a spokesman for the association.

The Connecticut State Police issued a statement about the situation on Twitter.

"The men and women of CT State Police mourn for the Dallas officers in last night's tragedy," the post read. "Our thoughts and prayers are with [the Dallas Police Department."

Troopers also sought to thank a Meriden resident who brought cases of water to their training academy recruits on Friday morning.

Monroe Police Chief John Salvatore, who is the president of Connecticut Police Chief's Association, told Eyewitness News "there's always a concern."

"I think we always anticipate, especially when we have two successive events that there could be some reaction. I don't think anybody anticipated something to this extent," Salvatore said. "I'm sure there is going to be a lot of discussion on it, some presentations and some seminars especially the bigger towns."

Governor Dannel Malloy said in a statement that the event was supposed to be a proud moment before it quickly became a nightmare.

"The events in Dallas twisted a proud tradition of protest and turned it into tragedy. What happened is as saddening as it is unacceptable, and it must be condemned," said Malloy.

Wethersfield Police Chief James Cetran said the shooting was an officer's worst nightmare.

"I can't think of a more terrible scenerio. I am saddened. I am angry," said Cetran.

He said he believes that trust has been damaged by the shooting.

"I think it will affect officers here. I think officers will question 'do i need to that car with the tail light out? Do I need to stop the car going 10 miles over the speed limit?" said Cetran.

Deputy Chief Brian Foley of the Hartford Police Department scheduled a news conference for around 10:30 a.m. on Friday.

"This is a disastrous, tragic day," he said. "At the end of the day, we don't know if this will change things." 

Foley said the department will not operate out of fear.

"We're not scared of our citizens," he said. "We are with them, we are communicating with them. We are calm and we are centered."

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said during a press conference that there is generally little support for officers.

"We don't feel much support, most days. Let's not make today most days, please, we need your support to be able to protect you from men like these," said Brown.

Foley was asked about the chief's comments.

"There are some things that happen out there that make you feel like you don't have the support," Foley said. "But when you dig down deep, you do see the support out there."

The New Haven Police Department said they are "heartbroken."

"It is unlikely anyone here knew any of the murdered and injured officers but we can’t help but feel that lives precious to so many are over. The how and why, and the anguish surrounding this tragedy are really secondary, and no one is under any obligation to make sense of a senseless death. There are those of us who will pray, who will search for answers and do what we think is proper to deal with our heavy hearts. We are filled with grief for such promising lives cut short, for families ruined," the police said in a statement on Friday. 

The New Haven Police Department said they "come to expect tragedy."

"We see it daily in our communities, with the people we swear to protect and too often when it involves our own. News like this shakes us but none of us can say we’d never predict such events could happen," police said. 

Residents have also been giving their condolences to officers around the state.

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