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Cost of Epi-Pen is on the rise

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The cost of Epi-Pen is on the rise. (WFSB) The cost of Epi-Pen is on the rise. (WFSB)

The Epi-Pen can be a life saver for parents with children who suffer from allergies, but it is also proving to be a big cost too.

There are reports that since 2004, the price has risen by 450 percent, something that has parents reaching for alternatives.

The injectable form of Epinephrine can quickly reverse allergic reactions.

For pharmacists, it’s a product that is getting more costly to order by the day.

The increase, $170, is for just six months, leaving pharmacies with more than a $550 bill for one order.

But with no competition, it’s a price that has to be paid.

The results are patients are not refilling their prescriptions, but instead are administering Epinephrine themselves, which is something experts at Hartford Hospital said is not the best option.

"Now, when you're injecting it yourself, you have to know how much to inject…and that can be very dangerous. If you're off on your dose, that can cause dramatic problems,” said Dr. Wilner Samson.

Experts said the best thing to do is to simply have an action plan in place, know what your triggers are, and have an alert bracelet ready in case something happens and you cannot communicate what your allergies are.

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