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Experts show how to keep air conditioners running

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Eyewitness News looks into how to keep your air conditioner working this summer. (WFSB) Eyewitness News looks into how to keep your air conditioner working this summer. (WFSB)

Being in the middle of summer, air conditioners have become a necessity for many, but the units can break down.

Eyewitness News look to a repair store in Newington to see how to fix the units and learn steps to avoid problems.

Experts told Eyewitness News clogged air filters are the number one reason for broken air conditioners. 

Carole Wood said her air conditioner broke on Tuesday and that made for a very uncomfortable night.

“Sleeping last night was challenging,” homeowner Sherry Adams said. “We’re used to 69 degrees at night.”

It was near 80 degrees inside on Wednesday and with Wood having heart issues, they couldn't live with these temperatures much longer.

“Gosh, we’re going to have a heat wave, and we’re going to be really uncomfortable,” Adams said.

Campbell Cooling in Newington marked this home as a high priority. Eyewitness News went with owner Jamie Campbell to find out what was wrong with the air conditioner.

“Here’s a guy that never changed his filter in his entire life, it looks like,” Campbell said.

The filter was caked in dust and on the outside of the home, the condenser was also dirty.

“It prevents the air condition from letting the cold air from the outside, across the fan, and up to help relieve the pressure inside the system,” Campbell said.

Campbell said those are the top two culprits for air conditioners’ faltering and added simple annual preventative cleaning measures could have saved this family.

“This is readily cleanable by anybody who has a hose out in the yard,” Campbell said.

But, since these air filters were tucked away in attic space, these might be a little harder.

“This clearly needs to be removed or else it’s all going to be in the drain,” Campbell, while struggling in the attic, said.

After some routine cleaning, the filters and condenser unit looked good as new. With the air back on and comfort restored, Adams said she learned her lesson.  

“I didn’t know what to do with the central air conditioning or who to call,” Adams said. “It broke down yesterday and my hand was forced.”

The high heat puts a strain on air conditioning units and that means a very busy time for repair crews.

They can get backed up for weeks, so their best piece of advice is to get that annual maintenance. It can save up to $50 and a whole lot of discomfort

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