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Daycare center hopes to prevent kids being left in hot cars

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A New Britain day care center is working to prevent kids from being harmed in hot cars.

The Child Development Center at the Hospital of Central Connecticut said they have implemented news policies.

Sue Dunn, who works for the center, said the policies will ensure that children are not left in hot cars.

"It came across that most of our children are here by 8:30 in the morning, so by 9 o'clock we would know if someone was running a bit late or something," said Dunn.

If the child has not arrived by 9 a.m., the center will now call the parents to make sure the child is not forgotten in the car.

The policy change was made two years after Kyle Seitz, of Ridgefield, drove to work instead of dropping his 18 month-old son Benjamin off at day care.

 Benjamin was left in a hot car for seven hours and later died of hyperthermia.

The parents of the daycare have responded well to the change. Zulaika Cruz said thanks to the policy, she feels that her child is more safe.

"It makes me feel very comfortable. I feel like my child is safe and they really care about us and care about and they want him here," said Cruz.

With this new policy, a simple phone call could prevent a tragic mistake.

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