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Connecticut drivers react to road rage study

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Connecticut residents expressed concerned, but not surprised by road rage study released Thursday.

Research by AAA showed that around 80% of drivers experienced significant anger behind the wheel this past year.

The study also found that 8 million drivers had an instance of extreme road rage, like ramming into another person's car or getting out of the car to confront a driver.

Driver Sharon Stakemann, of New Britain, said road rage can go too far.

"Everybody makes mistakes driving. No one is perfect, but if you get to that point and you get out of your car...oh yeah, you need to be locked up," said Stakemann.

The research showed that in the North East, drivers are more likely to yell, honk and make lewd gestures.

AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter said road rage behind the wheel is very common.

"People tend to lose their temper behind the wheel. It does happen. That's what our research finds," said Parmenter.

Michael Gallegos, of New Britain, said it's scary out there for drivers.

"With people nowadays, you never know. They could have a gun and the next thing you know you're on the side of the road dead. It's not worth it," said Gallegos.

The data was collected from a national survey of around 3,000 drivers. Click here for more information on the study.