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Dozens of Southwest flights at Bradley airport canceled today

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Some Southwest flights were cancelled Thursday morning. (WFSB) Some Southwest flights were cancelled Thursday morning. (WFSB)

A technology glitch left thousand of travelers stranded right in the middle of the busy summer travel season.

Southwest Airlines said it had a computer outage on Wednesday, and the ripple effects were still being felt on Thursday morning across the country and in Connecticut.

The airline said it could take days before everything is back to normal.

"Baltimore flights are canceled, so you had to go inside and international canceled," said Arnel Hines, of Bloomfield. "It was really bad. One of the ladies she made it right up to the front and then they told her she had to go inside so she spent the time in the line and then had to go inside."

Thursday, southwest said more than 220 flights were canceled across the country. The big board at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks showed that about half of Southwest flights at Bradley were canceled.

Mary Burek's flight through Chicago was one of them.

"The line wasn't too long so I didn't know there was a problem," she told Eyewitness News. "But then it kept getting longer and longer and everyone said their flight was canceled and then I found out mine was canceled and I had to get re-booked."

Burek said now she isn't leaving for another two days.

Other passengers have worked their schedules around their flights, like Sam Simmons of Berlin.

He worked a 12 hour shift in preparation for an early morning flight. 

"I get to the airport and it's nothing. Nobody from the airline to tell us what's going on. I had to use my phone to try to figure out what the problem was. So I think that was pretty unfair to their passengers. They could have given us a heads up to let us know what's going on," said Simmons.

He said he had a similar experience with the airline once before.

"I was traveling on vouchers that they gave me from a previous flight that got messed up, so I don't have the option of canceling and rebooking on another airline," said Simmons.

He and his wife had waited in line for three hours before they found out that only one of them could get rebooked to Jacksonville. 

They weren't the only one whose plans were put in limbo.

"When we arrived, we were in line and then it came up as a canceled flight and then the rumor mill around us started and we realized it was going to be canceled and we were going to have to make other arrangements," said Tom Ledyard of Clinton.

Visitors to Southwest's website could not check in for flights for about three hours on Wednesday.

They said they also could not buy tickets or check their flight status. Travelers had to be checked in manually.

According to Flight Aware, more than dozen flights were canceled and 600 more were delayed across the country since Wednesday.

A Southwest Airlines spokesperson said on Wednesday night that systems were gradually getting back on track.

However, a domino effect had already started.

Southwest Airlines posted to Twitter Wednesday night.

"Once our systems resume full functionality, we're offering flexible accommodations for re-booking your travel," it said. "Please stay tuned for more."

It posted an apology on Thursday morning that said customers' experiences over the past 24 hours is not the service they should expect from Southwest Airlines.

It said most systems are back online, but a full recovery will take some time. Customers should expect cancellations and delays as the airline positions aircraft and crews.

Airport officials urged travelers to make sure to check with their airline before they head out to the airport on Thursday and the rest of the week.

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