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RNC watch party held in Hartford Thursday evening

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Donald Trump speaks at RNC on Thursday. (CBS NEWS) Donald Trump speaks at RNC on Thursday. (CBS NEWS)

Donald Trump's speech seemed to go over well with the RNC crowd in Cleveland but democrats, including many in Connecticut, are already criticizing it.

Donald Trump’s speech did not surprise Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Leigh Appleby.

He had read the draft before Trump even took the stage, and he wasn’t impressed.

“When you're trying to unite a party or unite a party you want to be positive and optimistic about the future and Donald Trump has completely failed in that regard,” Appleby said.

He and other Hillary Clinton supporters at the Republican National Convention watch party held by the democrats in Hartford, said they are optimistic about the presidential election but that they won’t take any chances.

“We're going to knock on doors we're going to make phone calls we're going to do what it takes to have the grassroots conversations to win this election...we're going to work,” Appleby said.

The work kicks up a notch on Monday when the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Philadelphia.

Appleby will be there and believes the DNC will bring the party together to rally behind their presidential candidate.

“They’re all starting to unite behind Secretary Clinton and that's something that you're going to see in Philadelphia in stark contrast to what happened in Cleveland,” Appleby said.

The Democratic National Convention begins on Monday.

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