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WFSB debuts game-changing Early Warning Pinpoint Doppler

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Though Eyewitness News has been the only station with a live radar, WFSB continues to lead the way.

Monday, after years in the works, the station debuted its all new Early Warning Pinpoint Doppler. It's a tool touted as a "game changer" in terms of tracking Connecticut weather.

It's not an upgrade. It's an entirely new radar that will allow the Early Warning Forecast team to convey potentially life-saving information about dangerous weather minutes before anyone else.

Connecticut can see the extreme from all four seasons.

Residents can see everything from tropical systems to thunderstorms, flash floods to tornadoes, and snow to sleet to freezing rain.

With the all new Early Warning Pinpoint Doppler, the accuracy, resolution and coverage of whatever develops will be unparalleled. WFSB is the only station in New England to own and operate technology of this caliber.

It's a dual-polarization c-band radar.

A conventional radar sends out a single horizontal pulse. With dual-polarization, a second, vertical pulse is incorporated. It's essentially twin radar beams.

They allow WFSB's meteorologists to see what is falling from the sky in multiple dimensions. Instead of viewing precipitation as a flat object, the new doppler can determine the size and shape of it with great precision.

Other stations rely on government radars which surround Connecticut. By the time those radar beams scan the sky overhead, they could already be thousands of feet above due to the curvature of the earth and can often miss what is happening closer to the surface.

WFSB is the only station to have a radar in Connecticut and it is live, controlled by the station. It provides a tremendous advantage over the others as the delay can be up to 5 minutes from the National Weather Service.

Eyewitness News can identify threatening weather before anyone else to keep its viewers safe not seconds ahead of time, but minutes.

It's cutting edge technology.

In a situation where a tornado is happening, the radar is so sensitive it can now tell meteorologists when one is on the ground. It can determine the difference between rain and debris being kicked up.

Access to the new Early Warning Pinpoint Doppler can be found here.

To see photos of the new Pinpoint Doppler on your mobile device, click here.

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