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Hot weather hurts golf courses in CT

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The long heat wave is affecting golf courses in Connecticut. (WFSB) The long heat wave is affecting golf courses in Connecticut. (WFSB)

The recent heat wave has sapped business for some golf courses around Connecticut. 

While it was nearly 70 degrees already on what was shaping up to be day seven of this heat wave, John Kelly, owner of the Portland Golf Club, explained the challenges they're facing at what are typically their busiest hours. 

"Typically mid-day, we are very busy," Kelly said. "But, because of the heat and humidity, we are starting to slow down. We are out there all day long battling it." 

Kelly said it can be "frustrating."

"It is very frustrating because now the days are getting shorter and as the days get shorter we have less golfers and that affects the income part of it," Kelly said. 

The crews at Portland Golf Club use extra irrigation to keep the course green.  

"It's unusual that we have a heat wave this long. Typically, we will get a break for a couple of days," Kelly said. "And then, we will have a couple of more 90 degree days."

Kelly said to help bring in golfers he is having beat the heat specials. 

"We are offering free golf carts to help draw in some more business," Kelly said. 

Dave Klein and his friends golf daily, and teed it up early on Wednesday. 

"We try to get out 6-630 and get done before the heat really gets out there," Klein said. 

Courses in West Hartford, and Ellington told Eyewitness News they're experiencing the same problem. At Berlin's Putter's Paradise, go kart bumper boats and batting cages are also feeling a dip in customers.

"Definitely been slower, we still have people that do come out," Courney Nelson, who is the manager at Putter's Paradise, said. "I know the heat holds people back. I would say at night it starts to pick up more once the sun goes down and cools off a bit."

Nelson said they are offering discounts as well.

While there is no way for courses to make up the lost money, business owners said they are hoping for a cool spell. 

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