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Pomeranian killed by a pack of coyotes near home in Hebron

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A woman's dog was attacked by a pack of coyotes. (submitted) A woman's dog was attacked by a pack of coyotes. (submitted)

A family pet was killed by a pack of coyotes in Hebron this week.

The family exclusively told Eyewitness News a pack of coyotes came into their yard and dragged their 14 year-old Pomeranian into the woods behind their house.

In the wake of this tragedy, they have a message to everyone in their neighborhood.

"We live in the country,” Heather Kalhok, of Hebron, said. “We should be able to go outside, live our lives and enjoy our yards, but unfortunately we can't."

Kalhok let her 14-year-old dog named Buddy out to use the bathroom after he was scratching on their front door around 9 p.m. Kalhok said she could have never imagined what would happen next.

"I was thinking to myself, oh there are dogs in the yard,” Kalhok said. “Then, it clicked that they were coyotes."

Kalhok said she walked outside with her Pomeranian. As he made his way over to the side of their house, Kalhok said a pack of coyotes attacked right in front of her.

"They came up behind him while he was still using the bathroom, they grabbed him by his neck, and carried him off into the woods,” Kalhok said. "They didn't run, they didn't make a noise, it was silent and it was so fast. It was terrifying."

She quickly ran upstairs to get her dad so, together, they could search for their beloved pet.  

"He took the car and drove up through the field,” Kalhok said.

But, Kalhok said they found nothing. Even after heading into those woods again Wednesday, they've seen no sign of their dog.

Kalhok urged everyone in her neighborhood to be extra vigilant.

"It could have been my daughter,” Kalhok said. “It could be another person's cat or dog.”

Kalhok said she doesn't feel safe letting her 17 month-old daughter play in the yard and her family is keeping their other dog, Maggie, on a tight leash.  

The wildlife division of the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection told Eyewitness News this isn't the first time a pet has been snatched-up in this area.

Kalhok's next-door neighbor lost a cat to a coyote -- just last year.

"It's still hard to live with ... seeing what I saw,” Kalhok said.

The Kalhok family said they are now looking for closure, but they will never forget their caring, loving ball-of-fluff who lived a good life.

Kalhok said Buddy “didn't deserve to go off like this."

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