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U.S. Sen. Murphy pushes for gun control after DNC speech

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U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy talks about gun control in New Haven. (WFSB) U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy talks about gun control in New Haven. (WFSB)

Wednesday was big night for Connecticut at the Democratic National Convention.

On Thursday night, Hillary Clinton will make history as the first woman to accept a major party nomination for president. The big issues at this convention including gun control, with a Connecticut senator leading the fight.  

We heard from those who have taken the issue of gun control to heart including U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy and Erica Smegielski, whose mother was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They said they feel Hillary Clinton will continue the fight to reduce gun violence.

Emotions turned into frustration for Smegielski. Her mother Dawn Hochsprung was the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary and she was gunned down along with 25 others.

"I am here for those lives cut short in a school, in a movie theater, in a church, at work, in their neighborhoods or in their homes,” Smegleski said. “But those voices should never be silenced."

That feeling was shared by many Democrats. One of the most outspoken was Murphy. He led a 15-hour filibuster to get Congress to take a vote on gun control.

Even after what happened earlier this summer at a nightclub in Orlando, the worst mass shooting in United States history, United States Congress was not going to even have a debate.

"Enough of children dying in our classrooms. Enough of the nightly bloodshed on our city streets,” Murphy said. “Enough of our police officers being outgunned, ambushed, and cut down in the line of duty. I've had enough."

Murphy was back in Connecticut on Thursday. He was in New Haven at a brand new center to help those re-enter society after prison.

He helped push for federal funding, but it’s his push for more gun control that has really become a national issue. Murphy said he feels Clinton will make it a priority.

"This is going to be first election in a long time where a candidate is asking for a mandate to change gun laws to protect us from gun violence,” Murphy said. “A lot of candidates have run away from this issue."

President Barack Obama has been a huge supporter of more gun laws. It started right after the massacre in Newtown almost four years ago, but he was unable to get the Republican-led Congress to pass any laws.

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