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Danbury man charged with assaulting police officer faces judge

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The 20-year-old man accused of attacking a Danbury police officer this weekend faced a judge.  

On Saturday night, police Officer Joe Pooler was in the parking lot of Jimmy's Market on Germantown Road where he was doing paper work when Danbury resident Pierre Elhayek allegedly walked up to the cruiser. Police said Elhayek started banging and kicking the cruiser.

According to police, the officer, thought Elhayek was trying to get his attention and got out. That's when police said Elhayek attacked Pooler, punching him in the head and kicking him.

"He really took a beating from somebody who had a break with reality, didn't say a word during the entire attack and was relentless going after this officer," Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said. 

Boughton said he spoke with officer again on Monday morning.

"He's banged up pretty bad, broken jaw and contusions all over his face and back, concussion, but he's going to be OK," Boughton said. "He wants to come back to work. He's one of our best officers."

Police said Pooler was finally able to get back into his cruiser and radio for help. Eyewitness News was told it took several officers to get the 6'2", 200-pound Elhayek into custody.

The prosecutor told the judge Elhayek had been disruptive since his arrest. He said Elhayek was banging his head on a steel door at the police station in Danbury and needed to be restrained by officers at the hospital, and even on Monday morning at court.

As his public defender stood by himself, Elhayek never made it into the courtroom. Elhayek was brought to court on a stretcher and was arraigned in the lockup.

The arraignment was done there due to security concerns. The public defender for Elhayek cited his physical condition, which effectively prevented him from being brought into the courtroom. 

While Elhayek's family didn't want to speak outside of court on Monday. Boughton told Eyewitness News police are also looking into a report that Elhayek was released from Danbury Hospital just before the attack.

Attorney Brian Romano is representing Elhayek going forward.

"At this time, looking for an opportunity to review what happened, ask everybody to be patient as we wait and see how this matter unfolds," Romano said. 

Boughton said Pooler will probably be out of work for a month.

Elhayek was ordered to have medical and psychiatric attention while being held. He's due back in court later this month.

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