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Veterans food truck vandalized with feces

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This food truck was targeted by vandals last week. (CBS photo) This food truck was targeted by vandals last week. (CBS photo)

Along a town beach in Winthrop, ME sits a small truck serving those who served.

The veterans became the targets last week when vandals struck the truck with human feces and garbage.

"Even though we're disabled vets, we give back to the community because it's the right thing to do," said John Brennan, Winthrop VFW. "And it's certainly right to help other veterans."

Veterans and their families said they were dismayed to find out about what happened.

"I cried," said Tina Bowden, American Legion Auxiliary. "It hurt. It broke my heart."

"They emptied out the trash cans, spread it all over, took food and rubbed it all over," Brennan said.

Volunteers from the local American Legion said they discovered the mess when they opened on Thursday.

"It's heartbreaking," Brennan said. "It makes you wonder what's man kind coming to? Why are we doing this?"

They said the worst was discovered later. It was a message of hate smeared in human feces.

"[It said] 'f veterans, you die,'" Brennan said. "It really struck right at our hearts."

Brennan said it not only defaced their truck, but anyone who has served.

"Who would be so disrespectful to veterans to say that they should [be] messed over and that they should die," Brennan said. "It's heinous."

Volunteers also said the vandals cut the truck's power, which spoiled more than $400 worth of food.

"They stole and they vandalized our veterans, the ones that fought for their freedom," Bowden said.

Police said they're investigating.

Volunteers said they're hopeful some leads of their own will bring the vandals to justice.

"It's a small community and everyone knows everything around here," Brennan said. "So I think we'll find them."

Until then, however, the volunteers said they'll continue their message of "serving all veterans of all wars."

"We'll pick up and carry on and maybe, just maybe, people will come help support," Brennan said.

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