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Liberty Bank Surprise Squad

Waterbury man gets new clippers

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The Liberty Bank Surprise Squad helped a Waterbury man, who had something stolen from him last week while visiting his sick mother.

The Liberty Bank Surprise Squad learned about Michael Iaiennaro after his daughter contacted them.

“Last week, I saw the post on Facebook,” Kathryn Iaiennaro, who nominated her father, said. “And I figured my dad would be the perfect person for that, so I nominated him. [I] didn't think anything of it.”

That’s until she checked her email Monday and saw that it was really happening.

Kathryn Iaiennaro told Liberty Bank Surprise Squad her despite overcoming a recent battle with prostate cancer, he continues to put everyone else first.

“We understand there's a situation where, unfortunately, someone stole your clippers,” WFSB reporter Nicole Nalepa said.

“I was down visiting my mom in Beacon Brook, and I came out because I was going to go. I was going to go cut her hedges,” Michael Iaiennaro said. “Got out in the truck and they were gone.”

However, Michael Iaiennaro was not without them for long. The Liberty Bank Surprise Squad got him a new pair of clippers.

“We have a new pair of clippers for you,” Nalepa said.

Michael Iaiennaro said he couldn't believe his daughter had reached out to the Liberty Bank Surprise Squad, let alone the surprises he was about to receive.

“It's exactly like the one I had,” Michael Iaiennaro said.

Michael Iaiennaro also had no idea that the Liberty Bank Surprise Squad brought two other presents for him.

“I didn't know what was going on... My son-in-law was just like, did you pay your taxes I said...I always my taxes! I had no idea,” Michael Iaiennaro said.

“So this is something else,” Nalepa said. “The gas for the hedge clippers and we also have another gift card for Home Depot as well if you need any other supplies for your business on the side.”  

As touched as Michael Iaiennaro was with the surprises by the Liberty Bank Surprise Squad, we were equally touched by the bond between him and his daughter.

“He does everything for everybody. He puts everybody else first to make sure that we have everything that we need,” Kathryn Iaiennaro said as she hugged her dad. “He deserves it...This couldn't have been more perfect for him.”

The Liberty Bank Surprise Squad quickly learned, how loved Michael Iaiennaro was in his neighborhood alone.

“I set my alarm because I work 3rd shift,” neighbor Brittany Lyons, who woke for the surprise, said.

 “He really does deserve this award,” Devon said.

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