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Driveway scam hits Wolcott

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(Wolcott police photo) (Wolcott police photo)

Police in Wolcott put out a warning on Tuesday about a scam involving driveway repairs.

They said a resident was scammed by a door-to-door salesman from "A-Team Driveway Seal Coatings & Crack Repair."

According to a flier received by the victim, the "contractors" work out of 1224 Mill St. in East Berlin.

The salesman called himself Stanley and ripped off the victim for $800, the victim told police. A neighbor was also scammed out of $600, according to the victim.

The victim also told police that the contractors left before finishing their job and never came back.

"He requested $300 up front, which she gave him in cash. A little while goes by, they're working late," Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens said. "He says he needs another $520. She was reluctant to give it to him, but he had said we'll be here all night. We will finish the work tonight. She gave him the money, he left and it was a shoddy job."

Police stressed that anyone going door-to-door has to register with the Wolcott Police Department.

They said if someone comes to the door to sell something, call police before opening the door to see if the sellers are registered.

"You never open your door to anybody," Stephens said. "Solicitors have to be registered with the town of Wolcott Police Department." 

Police called the alleged scammer, but he hung up on them. 

"Sorry the mailbox is full, goodbye. That's what the woman was getting when she was calling him," Stephens said.

The victim has taken to Facebook and posted about her ordeal. Now others in the area said they were victimized too. 

Since the alleged scammer was not a registered licensed contractor, the Consumer Protection Board cannot get her money back from their fund. To add insult to injury, the guy stole a wheel barrow from a neighbor to do her lousy her work. 

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