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Outdoor workers take extra steps to beat the heat

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Outdoor workers need to take extra steps to beat the brutal heat (WFSB). Outdoor workers need to take extra steps to beat the brutal heat (WFSB).

Many people have been heading to the pool or beach or just staying inside to avoid the heat.

That is not an option for everyone. Some people work outside for a living.

Federal officials want to make sure workers like the construction crews on I-84 in Waterbury are staying safe.

They say those steps can mean the difference between a heat illness or successful day on the job.

Well-stocked with water, Gatorade and ice, Kenny Young said Friday wasn't his first time doing construction in the heat.

The first time was bridge work in 1975. This time, it was a bridge to widen Interstate 84 in Waterbury.

Jim Masse will be up on it as well.

"The decking that we have up there is a big reflector," he said. "It's hot. [We] try to drink a lot of water."

They said hydration is important.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, if it's your first few days of work in the heat, you need to ease into it and let your body adjust.

Officials also want outdoor workers to keep an eye on each other.

They said you may think you're doing fine, but somebody you work next to every day will notice if you start looking unhealthy in the heat.

At a paving project on Route 75 in Windsor, Department of Transportation supervisors said they're prepared.

"Try to find shade whenever we can, and most importantly watch out for one another, if anybody's having any trouble, that somebody's informed right away so we can help them out," said Louis Crespo, DOT.

The DOT said it's not just the heat and humidity. It's the paving material they're handling. Heat wave can be seen rising off of it.

"The asphalt coming out of the truck is anywhere between 265 to 325 degrees," Crespo said. "So it is quite hot."

OSHA is urging all outdoor workers to drink water every fifteen minutes, take breaks, wear light colored clothing and stay in the shade as much as possible.

"We watch each other, make sure everybody's drinking. Drink a lot of Gatorade," Masse said.

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