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Crews, businesses, resident clean up after Thursday's storm

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A Middletown resident found his 2010 Toyota flattened after Thursday's storm. (WFSB) A Middletown resident found his 2010 Toyota flattened after Thursday's storm. (WFSB)

Homeowners throughout central Connecticut won't soon forget Thursday night's powerful thunderstorm that dumped inches of rain and caused thousands in damage.

About four to five inches of rain fell in few short hours on Thursday night. However, it was the powerful and very violent thunderstorm that caused most of the damage and many were cleaning up on Friday.

Deb Windsor was one of the people cleaning up debris on Friday. She said she was at “ground zero” for the storm.

“It was scary, really scary,” Windsor said.

Sean Casey was sound asleep during the storm. When Casey woke up to go to work on his third shift job, he said he found his 2010 Toyota flattened.

"It actually hit my truck, my girlfriend's on the garage,” Casey said. “We actually took a bunch of it away already.  I didn't even hear it."
Public works crews were busy on Friday cleaning up downed limbs and trees. While insurance adjustors and contractors such as Eddy Marchion's crew were busy fixing the damage mostly around Weslyan University.

"So far it's been concentrated in this general area,” Marchion said. "Yea, we'll be busy."

Shards of broken brick covered the ground outside the Canoe Club in Middletown on Friday afternoon as contractors secured the chimney. It shattered Thursday night when it was hit by lightning.

Owner Daniel Cronin was inside the Canoe Club at the time of storm.

"We're lucky,” Cronin said. “No one got hurt, no fire and in the grand scheme of things we'll be up and running this afternoon."

Power was not running most of the Thursday night and Friday morning. Many street lights were out. Utility crews were busy replacing transformers

While up on Home Avenue, it was shut down, so crews can remove storm damaged trees off power lines and replace utility poles.

“A big tree that fell on top of a house, a big leader, [there was] a few of those around campus,” Marchion said.

Middletown Mayor Dan Drew opened the emergency shelter for a while to make sure they could stay on top of the problems.

"Two storms look like they collided and started to form a little spinner, but it never touched down,” Windsor said.

There was so much rain. Many summer camps at local schools were delayed opening on Friday for a couple of hours, so the playing fields could dry off.

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