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Little League players brave the heat in Bristol

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Little Leaguers brave the heat in Bristol during the regionals. (WFSB) Little Leaguers brave the heat in Bristol during the regionals. (WFSB)

Being outside in the extreme heat can be tough, but it's even tougher if you’re playing baseball. The Little League Eastern Regionals were taking place in Bristol on Friday.

These young players are from Connecticut and Massachusetts, so they are used to playing in extreme heat.

Their parents said they tried to come prepared, so they can enjoy the game. They wanted to be prepared, so the players did not sick from the heat.

"Usually, we try to drink 24 hours in advance,” Granby Little League dad Darien Lewie said. “The cells inside your body are full of the water that you're gonna use and gonna need so really hydrating the day before.”

While the temperatures were high, proud parents were sitting on hot aluminum bleachers and kids were playing on the warm fields.

However, all those involved in the Little League Eastern Regionals stressed preparedness as the key. . People had tents, umbrellas, bandanas under their hats to find any way to stay cooler.  Thursday was so hot, several players didn't feel well and umpire was rushed to the hospital.

"They had to be hospitalized taken by ambulance weren't feeling very good,” Little League Eastern Regionals organizer Henry Couture said. “Some of the kids from Connecticut a couple of the kids went back to their room and they were a bit dehydrated but they were okay after a while."

On Friday, parents took a bit more precaution.

"I kept my little girl home with grandma because I didn't want her to be out again,” Fairfield Little League mother Amanda Gaffney said.  

The Little League does not have any specific rule about how hot it can get in order for them to cancel a game because of heat. A game can be canceled for lightning or thunder.

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