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Zoo officials address concerns raised about camel treatment

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Facebook post raises concerns about camels at Beardsley Zoo. (Submitted) Facebook post raises concerns about camels at Beardsley Zoo. (Submitted)

A picture posted online of a camel at a Connecticut zoo, trying to sleep but not able to rest its head on the ground, has a lot of people asking questions.

The picture posted online had people asking questions, specifically about how the camels at the Beardsley Zoo are being treated.

“When you see the picture, it actually looks bad, however when you know the natural behavior of the animals, how they sleep, how they get comfortable, then it really isn't something that's bad,” said Gregg Dancho, the director at the Beardsley Zoo.

The recent online post took aim at the camel ride exhibit that has been at the zoo for the past three summers.

The zoo said nobody questioned them before raising concerns online.

"If there are visitors that come to the zoo and feel that there is anything at all, happy to address that,” Dancho said. "Our staff is very, very concerned about the charges, animal welfare is high on our list of anything at the zoo."

While the zoo and the handlers insist the camels are fine and are being treated well, they did address one potential issue after the photo surfaced.

"We put a longer leash on. The issue with the longer lead with the animal, the potential for the animal stepping over the lead, getting into more trouble. Six of one half dozen of the other. You don't want the lead too short, don't want it too long. I think we've come up with a happy medium now, as you see the lead is down,” Dancho told Eyewitness News on Monday.

While the camels are used to the temperatures, the zoo says if it gets into the 90s with high humidity, the camels are brought to their night quarters for the rest of the day.    

"We have our veterinarian will check on these camels all throughout the summer, they're part of the zoo collection, makes them part of our responsibility also,” Dancho said.

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