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Moldy, expired food found at Bristol supermarket

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Moldy food was seen being sold at a Bristol grocery store (WFSB) Moldy food was seen being sold at a Bristol grocery store (WFSB)

Customers are outraged after they bought some mislabeled meats and expired foods from a Bristol supermarket.

After some Channel 3 viewers reached out to us on what they found, we decided to check it out ourselves.

Eyewitness News went to the Associated Supermarket, near downtown Bristol, and found fruit filled with mold, expired yogurt, and tubs of lettuce, spinach, corn and pears without “sell by” or “use by” dates.

Customers said they have had to return items to the store because they were expired.

“Everything I bought from there, the produce is rotten. I got a package of strawberries all rotten, the raspberries all rotten, the bananas gave my kitchen fruit flies,” Danielle Benoit said.

The Department of Consumer Protection said if the food was packaged at a supermarket’s facility, they aren’t required to put a “sell by” or “use by” date.

If it was packaged at a USDA facility, it is required to have a “sell by” date.

Channel 3 found moldy strawberries, and three types of yogurt that was expired, dated back to July 27, and the beginning of August.

Because of the Channel 3 inquiries, the local health department and the Department of Consumer Protection said they are looking into this. 

The Department of Consumer Protection said “If food contains any poisonous, diseased, contaminated, filthy, or decomposed substance or if it is otherwise unfit for food it is considered adulterated food and cannot be sold.”

Eyewitness News obtained some photos that show the store’s label placed on the packaging with a “sell by’ date of Sept. 9, but on the other side of the container, when the viewer peeled off the store’s label, the real “sell by” date is July 7.

The department also said “Food retailers may not change the sell by or use by dates on products in their stores.”

Officials also said “Public health and safety is one of our most important priorities here at the agency, and if consumers see issues at their grocery store, we encourage them to both speak to an employee or manager, and file a complaint with our Food and Standards Division."

Some customers said they don’t trust the supermarket.

Channel 3 spoke to the store employees, who apologized.

If you want to file a complaint with DCP’s Food and Standards Division, email, or call 8607136160.

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