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Eyewitnesses recount pitbull attack

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A woman was mauled by dogs in Hartford. (WFSB) A woman was mauled by dogs in Hartford. (WFSB)

A woman's peaceful morning walk through Hartford turned into a nightmare after she and her small dogs were attacked by two pitbulls.

The victim was walking down Flatbush Avenue when the two pitbulls chased after her two dogs.

Eyewitness Terry Thorton recounted the terrifying moment.

"I thought they were eating her," said Thorton.

However, it was the victim's dogs who were injured the worst in the attack. Both had to be euthanized.

"I saw the dog in her hands, saying save my dog, save my dog," said Thorton.

Another eyewitness, Nicole Mercado, took action into her own hands.

"I started with the bat, hitting the dog, hitting the floor," said Mercado.

Although one dog let go, the other dog held on. It took two minutes for them to let go.

"Half of her foot was gashed. She was bleeding from her fingers, bleeding from her chin. It was a lot. It bit on her face, her arms," said Mercado.

The dogs ran off and were found a block away. When they were taken by police they didn't act aggressively.

They have since been quarantined.

Deputy Chief of Police Brian Foley said authorities believe the dogs have an owner in the area because they had collars on and were well fed.

"The victim says she believes she has seen the dogs and knows what home they reside in and can figure out which home they reside in because she has seen the dogs before," said Foley.

Police are looking for the owners so they can speak with them and determine if they were negligent.

If so, they could face charges.

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