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Lawmakers discuss gun control in Winsted

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Local lawmakers met with residents Friday to discuss gun control and public safety.

The event was held at the American Museum of Tort Law in Winsted.

It was part of a series of talks hosted by the museum focusing on health, safety and civil rights.

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy spoke at the event.

Both have advocated for stricter gun control

However, some feel stricter gun control will hurt innocent people more than help them.

"More gun control only keeps honest people from owning guns or using guns. Dishonest people still get them," said resident Erwin Harrison.

The lawmakers discussed their support in implementing shield laws, which protect gun manufacturers from lawsuits being filed by the families of gun violence victims.

"Gun manufacturers need to be held accountable and responsible for practices that any other manufacturer would be held liable for," said Blumenthal.

Murphy said not only are these laws wrong, they also don't make sense.

"It just makes no sense that a maker of a toy gun has more liability than a maker of a real gun," said Murphy.

Protesters outside of the event argued companies shouldn't be sued for making a legal product.

There not the ones that are causing the problems. It's the illegal weapons out there that are causing the problems and the people that get a hold of them," said one protester.

Many stood in the back due to high attendance of the event.

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