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Griswold residents warned about a peeping tom

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Residents in Griswold are being warned about a peeping tom. (WFSB) Residents in Griswold are being warned about a peeping tom. (WFSB)

A suspect arrested on peeping tom charges could be at it again.

Griswold First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck said an arrest was made for similar crimes about one month ago, and that person is out, and over the weekend neighbors said some creepy incidents happened again.

Neighbors on Bethel Road in Griswold are locking their doors and drawing their blinds after reports of a peeping tom.

“It seems that he sits around outside and watches windows,” said neighbor Ron Boling.

Skulczyck said he thought the problem ended one month ago when a suspect was caught.

“I believe the individual is not incarcerated at this time, so he must have made bond or some sort of promise to appear,” Skulczyck said, adding that he’s telling residents to “be vigilant, that's all we can say.”

Over the weekend, neighbors reported seeing their patio furniture moved around, possibly so someone could get a better view into their homes.

Officials said police are also looking into reports of homes being broken into, and underwear being stolen.

“We make sure our bulkhead is locked, our windows pulled down, our doors are locked,” Boling said.

“We really have to stand up for this, do a neighborhood watch, whatever we can do, to stop this person from terrorizing. It is a form of terror,” said neighbor Cynthia Lazuk.

To get the word out, fliers warning of the unwelcome eyes have been passed around to neighbors.

Connecticut State Police has not responded to requests for a name or a mugshot from the previous case, but Skulczyck said resident troopers are looking at that suspect right now.

“We have no ability to say, yes, this individual has been involved in the break-ins. So the investigation continues, they are taking it very seriously,” Skulczyck said.

Town officials encourage everyone to continue to keep an eye out.

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