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Wearable safety device created in Connecticut

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Wearsafe device (WFSB) Wearsafe device (WFSB)

From college campuses, to walking trails and even parking lots at night, we all want one thing…for us and our loved ones to be safe.

A relatively new device on the market is providing reassurance for a lot of people, and it was created in Connecticut.

Dave Benoit and Phill Giancarlo created the "Wearsafe" device.

The size of two quarters…it clips to your clothing or keychain...and connects to your phone over Bluetooth.

Unlike some smartphone apps, when the Wearsafe device is activated…it does not call 911.

“Privacy was a big issue, tracking was a big issue, having control over who you call and when you call them was really important to the users,” said Dave Benoit.

Once pressed, it alerts friends and family that you choose, letting them know you may be in trouble…and connects them in a virtual chat room, complete with audio of what's going on.

“We chose audio for a reason, your brains ability to process audio is infinitely better than your ability to process visual elements,” Benoit said.

So then those people you trust can decide if the situation warrants a call to the police, or just a friend to listen when you are walking through a dark parking lot, and it all happens with just one touch of a button.

“In a distressful situation, we talk about fight or flight, acute stress response, your ability to tactily use a phone is greatly diminished, because all the blood rushes to your heart and you lock in with tunnel vision, so you really can't think too much, but you can press a button,” Benoit said.

When you press it, you get a small, silent vibration from the tag, to know your alert went through.

It’s reassurance that college student Shannon Dolan now relies on.

“I like that there's an extra sense of security when I’m going someplace or in an uncomfortable situation so if something were to happen to me I could just press a button and my family and friends would know somethings up and could come to my help,” Dolan said.

Both co-founders were born and raised in Connecticut, and they went to the University of Connecticut.

They’re headquartered in Hartford, and currently ship the Wearsafe device to more than 250 college campuses - all 50 states - and 33 countries.

This is a subscription based service, and there is a monthly fee.

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