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Police warn about callers asking money for Chicago police officers

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East Haven Police Department is investigating a phone scam. (WFSB) East Haven Police Department is investigating a phone scam. (WFSB)

A phone scam is being investigated in East Haven where police said the scammer is posing as an officer trying to raise money for other law enforcement.

Police said the person on the phone asks for money saying they're fundraising for "Chicago police officers."

After police received multiple emails and phone calls from concerned people living in town, they knew there was a possible scam. Police said they will make calls for their two fundraising events and there is something important they do.

“I heard from people over here at the barber shop,” Paul Esposito, of East Haven, said.

Esposito said these phone scams are happening too often.

“You always have to be aware of scammers today,” Esposito said. “It's really becoming a problem with the computers and the Internet and the phone calls, everyone takes advantage.”

The East Haven Police Department is warning residents after receiving at least four phone calls and multiple emails from concerned citizens over just a few days.

The caller said they're a police officer raising money for Chicago officers, Special Olympics and disabled children.

While the East Haven Police Department does fundraising events, they only conduct two every year, which includes a car show and comedy show.

“I wouldn't put anything past anyone today,” Esposito said. “To me, if you pose as a police man they say ok, it sounds legit, so that's why they're probably using police I guess. But, sometimes they use fire department.”  

“It’s a little odd in today's times with what people have been going through with police and thoughts on police Steve Robillard, of East Haven, said

Police told Eyewitness News it's their police union, who makes the phone calls, and they follow a certain script including identifying themselves.  

But, if a resident doesn't think it's legit, that individual can always reach out to the police department  

“I know police usually don't do that so if it sounds like a scam, it usually is a scam," Robillard said.  

Residents can contact the fundraiser at 860-235-3955 if they are unsure if they have been contacted by a scammer.

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