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Pigeons shot and left in pain in Berlin

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Two pigeons are recovering after being shot in Kensington. (WFSB) Two pigeons are recovering after being shot in Kensington. (WFSB)

Seven pigeons shot up and then left to suffer in Kensington. But, a Good Samaritan gave them a fighting chance and dropped them off at a local animal hospital.

Now, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is investigating trying to find out who shot the birds.

Some of these birds, which all had multiple gunshot wounds, brought were so young that they were making baby noises. Just a few months old, the animals were pummeled with bullets, but not killed. Instead, these pigeons were forced to endure excruciating pain.

"It's awful.  Absolutely awful." Anthony Dibella, who is a technician with the Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital Veterinary, said. "The major part of the group were actually shot up so much that some appendages were not attached to the bone anymore.  It was just skin holding them on."

On five of them, the injuries were so severe, they had to be euthanized. The two surviving birds on pain medication to get by.

An x-ray of the black pigeon revealed a bullet in the middle of their body and a left broken wing.

"Nobody deserves to be treated with that kind of disrespect,” Dibella said.

Officials with DEEP told Eyewitness News they're now investigating to figure out who is to blame for shooting the birds.

While pigeons can be shot if they pose a public health hazard, it is illegal to shoot them for sport. While the birds have a long road to recovery, they also need a new home, which is a special one since they can no longer fly.

"The wings are most likely not going to function properly, so we're looking for indoor places where they're not going to be sitting on the ground,” Dibella said.

If you would like to adopt the pigeons, you're asked to call the Kensington Bird and Animal Hospital at 860-828-7736.

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