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Hermine staying away from New England, but uncertainty remains

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Tropical storm Hermine is on it's way, but will keep it's distance from Connecticut.

Meteorologist Mike Cameron said the storm will move offshore as it gets closer.

“You can see in the satellite and radar how the storm is moving offshore, there’s some a-symmetry to this storm because it’s gotten shredded a little bit by being over land but you see over the northern side of it there’s a lot of rain and then there’s circulation over here on the outer banks of North Carolina moving now offshore,” said Cameron.

Although it will not get close, right away it's expected to work it's way to our area early in the week.

“As we head into later Sunday and Monday it’s going to be moving up and kind of stalling out just to our south and then slowly thereafter moving along to the south of Long Island and the south of New England between Monday and Thursday,” said Cameron.

It won't hit Connecticut , but wind gusts up to 40 MPH, tides 2-4 feet above normal, rip current and beach erosion are most likely.

"At this point, the storm is projected to be just far enough away that we would only get breezy, occasionally cloudy spells with perhaps a periods of showers Sunday, Monday, and early Tuesday.  We’ll also have a continual east-northeast wind for several days, which may bring about coastal flooding and erosion, more for easterly-facing beaches, but Connecticut’s south-facing coast may experience some damage, too," said Cameron.

However, there is a cone of uncertainty regarding the New England area.

"Given this storm’s close proximity for days, the storm is within the margin of forecasting error and the ultimate result on Connecticut’s weather is possibly far different than our current forecast.  So, as you carry out your Labor Day weekend plans, be flexible because they may need to change in accordance with changes to Hermine’s path," said Cameron.

Follow the storm's movements here.

The weather for Saturday is expected to be pleasant with highs in the mid-70's. Into the night, temperatures will lower into the 50s.

Sunday is expected to be cloudier, but still dry. However, some forecast models are predicting there could be outer bands of showers later in the day.

"So, as you make your plans for Sunday, be flexible, as the storm could be more impactful than most of the weather guidance is leading us to believe at this point," said Cameron.

Monday, there is a better chance for rain because Hermine will send a bit of moisture into southern New England.

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