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Wolcott family was home at time of burglary

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Vanessa Alvarado Tayler Grant. (Wolcott police photos) Vanessa Alvarado Tayler Grant. (Wolcott police photos)

Quick thinking helped a Wolcott family when they caught a burglar in their house.

The parents were home when they heard someone upstairs, and the mother quickly grabbed her son, left the house, and called police.

It happened early in the morning on Andrews Road in Wolcott, and everyone was home. At first, the mother thought it was her husband making noise upstairs, but when he came up from the basement, she knew something was wrong.

"She assumed it was him, but then he comes up from the basement....they heard noises upstairs,” said Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens.

When the mother left the house, she noticed a car parked out in front and a young woman in the driver's seat. She gave police the license plate.

According to the 911 calls, despite the situation, the mother remained calm.

“Caller: There's a female in the vehicle in the passenger side. She’s waiting for someone who has entered my house. My husband is in the house. 911: Can you get to someplace safe and lock yourself in? Caller: I am going in my car with my son,” the 911 calls said.

"Very smart - they did everything right,” Stephens said.

The husband found a young woman hiding in the shower, and she was holding a bag of jewelry she stole from the bedroom. 

Both women were arrested, Vanessa Alvarado and Tayler Grant. Both are from Naugatuck, and Alvarado has a lengthy drug record.

Neighbors find it disturbing that this happened so close to them.

The two women stole a bunch of other things, including a bag of mulch from the back yard and even a toilet seat.

Sadly, police say they are seeing more burglaries like this, where people are home. They say it’s important to call 911 right away.

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