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Questions for Adopters to ask Rescues

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1. Is the pet here, in CT? NEVER agree on a pet that is not here and that you are not allowed to meet and play with before you agree to adopt it.  Never be afraid to walk away from an adoption.  If you are at ALL unsure, walk away!!!!  Your gut is right.

2. Is there an APPLICATION fee?  Sorry – there is no way I can justify a fee to APPLY.

3. What does the adoption fee cover?  If it covers transport, I’d walk – No rescue should include a transport fee.  Some adoption fees are outrageous!  Remember, you’re getting a pet, not a new car!  Adoption fees over 400.00 are, to say the least, nuts.  You, as an adopter, should NOT have to pay for the pet’s medical expenses prior to your adopting it.  If the fee seems too high, it probably is.

4. Do I have to meet a transport? NEVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!  It’s not your job to meet a transport!

5. What is your return policy?  It should be a complete refund (we do a complete refund if the pet is returned within a month) within a certain time period.  We request that the pet be returned to us if EVER it needs to be re-homed.  See if the rescue you’re working with has that same option.  And if they say they’ll refund PART of your money – WALK….FAST… AWAY!!!!!

6. How long has this pet been with your rescue?  Why?  If the pet’s been there for a LONG time, find out why!!!!  We have certain pets here that are not easy adoptions due to health or behavior, etc., and we’ll be upfront about why. 

7. How long have you been doing rescue?  Make sure it’s not a fly-by-night operation!!!

8. Do you have your non-profit status?  Don’t go with a “pending” answer.  The rescue should be registered, non-profit and if in CT or MA, should be registered with the Department of Agriculture.

9. What veterinary hospital do you use?  CHECK with them – They’re going to check YOUR vet references so check theirs!!!

10. Is this pet from CT (or the state the rescue is in)?  If it’s from CT or MA, check with the Dept of Agriculture to make sure it’s been quarantined properly and that the rescue has followed the rules about the state laws regarding intaking from out of state.  If we take a dog in from another state, it has to be re-vetted  once it comes here.  If in MA, it has to be quarantined and then re-vetted. 

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