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Photo of mannequin dressed in KKK garb creating online controversy

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This photo was shared hundreds of times over the weekend (Michael Cuomo) This photo was shared hundreds of times over the weekend (Michael Cuomo)

Many Wallingford residents told Eyewitness News they were upset with how a town's councilman handled himself on social media after a KKK mannequin showed up over the weekend on top of an abandoned building.

Shock and disgust were the emotions felt by many residents after they said they saw a mannequin dressed in KKK clothing while giving a Nazi salute on a building on Route 5.

"I was initially shocked by it because I had never been exposed to anything like that in Wallingford,” Wallingford resident Robert Glaspy said.  

However, even more controversy erupted after a few Facebook posts were created by town Councilman Craig Fishbein. He's also a local attorney and running for state representative.

After seeing the disturbing picture on Facebook, Glaspy said he decided to reach out for help by tagging Fishbein in his post.

"I asked him I don't know if you remember me or not, but I'm just trying to bring this to his attention,” Glaspy said.

Fishbein's initially wrote: "Quite a horrible site in our town (although it looks photoshopped).”

Things escalated from there. After some back and forth between Glaspy and Fishbein, the councilman posted a link to Glaspy's divorce case. 

It turns out Fishbein represented his ex-wife, Christina.

"I'm not sure why he chose to go that route, but it was quite insulting and intrusive,” Glaspy said.

Glaspy's ex-wife Christina Edwards said she felt the same way posting on Facebook. "Why exactly did my divorce case become even vaguely relevant here,” Edwards said.

While the information in the link is public record -- some Facebook users who saw the post reacted to it.

"Just lost my vote. What a clown,” Daniel Jackson wrote. 

“I just do not understand why a lawyer would upload a picture of someone's divorce on a post about the KKK,” Joe Avitable added.

In response to the backlash, Fishbein said Glaspy has an ax to grind and posted a response.

“He should have admitted at the outset that there was an underlying reason as to why he was singling me out. The link is a public record. I did not get into any specifics. Enough said,” Fishbein said on Facebook.

"It's almost like having a playground bully on the town council or in this state,” Glaspy said.

Now Glaspy said all he's looking for is an apology. Fishbein declined an on-camera interview and this incident was all a non-issue.

At one point, Fishbein did apologize for the post, but then went on to defend it minutes later.

Eyewitness News did reach out to the statewide grievance committee. They said there is no public record of any complaints against Fishbein and he is in good standing.

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