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Attendance at the Southington Apple Harvest still strong despite rainy weather

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The rain did not put on damper on the Southington Apple Harvest on Saturday evening where thousands of people flooded Main St. for the 48th annual event.

Eyewitness News spoke with several people, who said despite the forecast, they did not plant to miss the event.

"My hometown ... I love it!” said Diane Richter, who now lives in Prospect, but never missed the event, said she could not wait to get her hands on the annual crowd pleaser – apple fritters.

For people who live in Southington, they say the Apple Fest kicks off the start of fall with live music, games, vendors, and of course, lots of food.
"It's fun to go on the rides and stuff, and you get to spend time with your family,” said 11-year-old, Southington resident, Brooke.

Despite the forecast for rain, fairgoers told Eyewitness News they worried that the Festival would be a washout.

"I thought for sure it was going to get rained out, I really didn't expect a crowd like this,” said Bristol resident, Helena Manchester.

“Or the line to be that long down the street," said Manchester, referring to the line for the apple fritters.

Vendors, like the Polish Falcons of America, Nest 307 out Plantsville, who prepared 20,000 pierogis for the event, said they are hoping Mother Nature does not disrupt their plans.

"She's not so kind to us every year,” said Polish Falcons President, Jim Sokolowski.

“We always have one or two days of rain. And the hurricane on the other hand, they'll let us know by Wednesday and [we can] take down our tents,” said Sokolowski.

Organizers of the event are keeping an eye on the weather, but hoping that the rain stays at bay.