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Experts weigh in on how to calm concerns over clown threats

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It’s a terrifying trend that has swept the nation, and frightened children and parents all across our state.

Clowns are the new “monsters under the bed” for many children, as clown related school threats continue to pop up.

People dressed as clowns continue to terrify children in Connecticut, and as the threats pop up, it can be difficult to explain to children who are afraid.

"There are individuals out there that really relish in negative attention, and this is something that would really get someone a lot of negative attention,” said Dr. Laura Saunders, of Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living.

Saunders is a clinical psychologist and said parents best bet is to actually dial back the conversation, and refocus on things that are helpful.

"Giving them very specific guidelines and suggestions and recommendations is most helpful, as opposed to just telling them there's clowns out there, be careful,” Saunders said.

So far, five girls have been arrested for making threats, and Saunders said there could be a reason behind the interesting pattern.

"I would guess that being a clown is a more passive way of scaring someone which females might be more prone to take on a passive way to scare someone than a more active way,” Saunders said.

With the bizarre trend seemingly not going away anytime soon, parents are also afraid.

"As parents we always fear something could happen to our children and we want to do whatever we can to protect them but it's important we process that concern with other adults and not with our children,” Saunders said.

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