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Hurricane Matthew is disrupting hundreds of travelers

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Some cancellations were filtering in on Thursday because of Hurricane Matthew. (WFSB) Some cancellations were filtering in on Thursday because of Hurricane Matthew. (WFSB)

Right now, as most of Florida is watching Hurricane Matthew, delays and cancellations are happening nationwide.

More than 1,500 flights have been canceled, and the Fort Lauderdale Airport has shut down, and others could too, making for thousands of frustrated travelers.

At Bradley International Airport, cancellations have already started coming in.

“We had been watching the weather all night and all morning to make sure we were getting out,” said Tara Stamper, who flew in from Florida.

“We've seen the worst of it. This is another storm and we're coming up to get away from it,” said Frank Buehler, who also flew in from Florida.

Right now, airlines are offering two options…reschedule or reroute.

While many were fleeing the hurricane, Theresa Nodine and Stephanie Cowles were heading right to it because they said they had no choice.

“We’d be out thousands of dollars if we chose to rebook or not go at all, so we're taking our chances,” Nodine said.

Their annual trip to the Sunshine State will be a stormy one...but travel agent Jill Petrowsky said it doesn't need to be that way.

She's always advising her clients to buy the insurance on their package deals.

“It can save you on a lot of things. Delays, travel, illness, anything like that,” Petrowsky said.

But there is a very strict time limit. Insurance usually can't be bought after the entire package is purchased, not to mention a day before a pending hurricane cancellation.

“Cruises, resorts, any kind of travel like that. Before final payment get your insurance payments in,” Petrowsky said.

But even upon landing in the insurance capital of the nation, those who know how close they were to getting grounded say the close call won't keep them from rolling the dice again.

“I think we are always lucky. Where I live in Florida, we dodged all the big ones,” said Stefany Barrett, who flew in from Florida.

Petrowsky says flight insurance is just a few extra dollars for a flight, but it can run into the hundreds if you're insuring a big package deal.

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