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Mother of child at center of DCF investigation speaks out

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Kirsten Fauquet  is suing the Department of Children and Families. (WFSB) Kirsten Fauquet is suing the Department of Children and Families. (WFSB)

A young mother, whose son was nearly starved to death in foster care, said she is suing the Department of Children and Families.

A report by the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate released this week showed DCF employees didn't do their job in this case. Eyewitness News sat down with child’s biological mom as the foster mom faced a judge on Thursday.

When the child, who is being called Dylan to protect his identity, was put into DCF custody, he was set to be cared for by a family member, a cousin. Dylan's mother Kirsten Fauquet, 24, said she didn't get a say in where her child would go, but added her cousin wasn't the right fit.

It all started in June of last year when Dylan was taken from his mother and put into DCF custody with three of his siblings.

“In this case DCF messed up. It was over a dirty house, which has been solved since February,” Fauquet said. “The house is all set up for the kids to come home.”

Fauquet said DCF came to the house when she was feeding the children and it wasn't clean. Dylan was 13 months old at the time and placed with Fauquet's cousin Crystal Magee.

Six months later, Dylan was rushed to the hospital because he was malnourished and later learned he had broken bones. Magee was arrested last November on cruelty and risk of injury charges and faced a judge in New London on Thursday.

“Here is a precious baby, bones sticking out, ribs showing, starving, alone, scared to trust people especially women and DCF was forcing him to go through it alone,” Fauquet said.

The office of the child advocate investigated this case. Their report showed Dylan was so malnourished he couldn't walk or lift his head. He also had broken bones and burns.

The advocate also claimed it was a failure of DCF workers and how no one came forward to report the abuse. Fauquet said she noticed marks on her son during visits and reported it to DCF.

“The authorities knew, but they didn't do anything about it,” Fauquet said.

She said that is why she is now taking legal action. When Dylan was in foster care, Fauquet gave birth to a fifth child.

All of them are in DCF's care. DCF said it's due to neglect. 

Right now, two children were with family members while the other three ere with families they don't know.

For Dylan, he was on his sixth home and the rest of the children were on their third and fourth homes. Fauquet said enough is enough.

“I'm not saying perfect. I'm far from is. No parent is, but the point is, I've jumped through these hoops, I addressed all these issues all for my kids,” Fauquet said. “They just need to come home. My son and the rest of his siblings have suffered enough, which they never should have suffered in the first place.”  

DCF has mentioned the success of children going to family members they know and the organization said they'll adjust better versus going to a family, who are strangers.

Eyewitness News asked for an interview with DCF on Thursday. They told Eyewitness News they were unavailable for an interview on Thursday. 

As for this lawsuit, there’s no dollar amount to it just yet.

Dylan is doing better, but has a long road ahead.

The OCA has made recommendations to DCF. To read the full report, click here.

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