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Mom warns other parents after finding maggots in baby formula

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A Missouri mom said she found maggots inside a can of formula she uses to feed her baby daughter.

"I went to burp her like normal. I happened to glance over at the bottle and saw, you know, waves. I pick up the bottle and hold it in the light and I see worms like inching up,” said Helen Williamson.

She found the worms inside a can of Nutramigen formula.

"It was a brand new bottle. It was sitting in the cupboard but I still cleaned it out with soap and water,” Williamson said.

She recorded a video, as a warning to other moms.

Taylor Seyler had a similar experience with a different formula.

"Two ounces down I noticed the worms and I was like ‘oh, that's great’,” Seyler said.

She snapped some photos that have now been shared more than 43,000 times.

The company that produces Similac said a third-party entomologist looked at the photos and determined, "based on the life cycle, and the age and size of the Indian meal moth larva in the photos, they entered the product after it left our facilities and the safety seal was removed."

"Try to explain that if it was something that happened a lot and it was the person who was making the bottle's fault and it wasn't their fault, maybe explain that. Have a disclaimer, make a post about it,” Seyler said.

Nutramigen did not return requests for comments.

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