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Illinois officials say flight student never lived in that state

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Feras Freitekh. (Facebook photo) Feras Freitekh. (Facebook photo)

As the investigation into the East Hartford plane crash continues, the mystery surrounding Feras Freitekh’s status in the country deepens.

Feras Freitekh was killed in a plane crash in East Hartford on Tuesday.

While he had an Illinois address, officials there say there's no proof he ever lived there.

Many people are wondering how he was ever able to obtain a pilot’s license in the first place.

On his flight school’s website, it says they help navigate international students through the Visa process, but in Freitekh’s case, it seems as if he may have falsified his American address.

“We checked all of our databases, both law enforcement and public and could not find a record of him,” said Orland Hills, Illinois Police Chief Thomas Scully. “No proof of a driver's license, no proof of an ID card.”

Authorities say Freitekh’s father, whose citizenship is still under investigation, does live in Illinois, but lives at the warehouse where he worked, so that could be why police say he asked a work associate if he could use his address for Feras while his son attended flight school.

“The deceased pilot needed to have a residence where he could collect mail from the flight school, so the father asked our resident if he would accept mail at that location and the resident agreed to do so,” Scully said.

The entire case is catching the eyes of Connecticut senators.

They want to re-examine the visa process because CBS News is reporting Freitekh got his Visa for flight school in 2012.

He may have initially studied in Illinois before coming to Hartford.

FAA records show Freitekh got his private pilot’s license for a single-engine plane last year.

He was in the process of getting his license for a twin-engine when the crash happened.

“There needs to be a thorough comprehensive investigation of his immigration status, his Visa entry, if he had a Visa or the Visa waiver status, if that's the way he entered the country,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).

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