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Shoreline communities face water restrictions

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If you're turning on those sprinklers or washing your cars in this warmer weather, you may want to think twice.

One water company is telling its customers in some shoreline communities to cut back and conserve as much as possible as this drought continues.

Many people say they are being extra careful, especially since there wasn’t a lot of rain this summer.

"It’s not just once a week, it's every day we have to do this and then it will help,” said Cynthia Harding, of Clinton.

Clinton is just one of five shoreline communities being asked by the Connecticut Water Company to reduce consumption by 15 percent.

While the company has an adequate supply of water for now, customers in Clinton, Madison, Guilford, Westbrook and Old Saybrook are being urged to take necessary steps ... in case the drought continues.

"It’s a very bad drought, really it is,” Harding said. "Don’t wash the cars right now, don't water the lawns right now ... as dry as it is, if the lawns are brown they're brown."

"If you're getting a glass of water, shut it off. Brushing your teeth, shut it off,” said Christa Secondino, of Clinton.

Michael Nuzzo, who owns Grand Apizza Shoreline, says he has talked to his staff about cutting back when possible.

"We don't offer any water unless people ask for a glass of water, and if we do we encourage them to buy a bottle of water,” Nuzzo said.

He’s also told them in the kitchen, "to cut back a little, only run full loads ... don't run half loads."

Clinton's first selectman has placed an announcement on the electronic board in town, and that's something the town of Old Saybrook's first selectman is also planning to do to get the message out there.

Back in July, Connecticut Water asked all of its customers to cut usage by 10 percent.

As these dryer conditions persist, they're asking everyone to take on this voluntary restriction to save where possible.

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