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No memorial service scheduled for Linda Carman

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St. Thomas the Apostle, West Hartford (WFSB) St. Thomas the Apostle, West Hartford (WFSB)

No memorial service, funeral, or mass of intention is scheduled for the presumed dead Linda Carman at St. Thomas the Apostle Church, according to Parish Pastor, Father Edward M. Moran, who spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News on Sunday.

Linda Carman, a Middletown native, mysteriously disappeared on a boating trip with her son, Nathan, last month. Her body or whereabouts are under investigation by officials.

“A funeral or memorial service in Catholic Church indicates that a body and death certificate is available in a case,” said Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Hartford, Maria Zone.

In the case of Linda Carman, presumed lost at sea, no such documentation is available, therefore neither service can be held, said Zone.

In the event that the investigation is closed, a mass of intention for Linda Carman could be scheduled.

Linda and Nathan Carman embarked on a fishing trip in September. The pair was headed to "Striper Rock," which is 20 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. Instead, the Carman's boat, "The Chickenpox" sank near New York's coast.

Nathan floated in a life raft for eight days before being rescued by a Chinese freighter, said the Coast Guard. His mother, Ms. Carman remains lost. 

Father Moran told Eyewitness News that Nathan Carman spoke to the Church on Sunday with the intent of scheduling a memorial service for his presumed late mother, but did not successfully schedule any event for her.

The Associated Press reported Hubert Santos, Nathan's lawyer, said the 22-year-old has not given up hope that his mother will be found, but believes it is an appropriate time to begin the mourning process.

However, a lawyer representing Ms. Carman's three sisters, said the women do not agree with Nathan's request, calling his actions "premature," The Associated Press reported. 

Once the case is closed, Father Moran said Carman is welcome to hold a service at the Church.

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