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Presidential election is causing anxiety among many

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By many accounts, this year’s presidential election has turned into one of the most polarizing.

Some voters feel the debates have gone out of control and political discussions are causing friction, even amongst families, and that friction has created anxiety.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump supporters are clashing, and it’s created some ugly discussions.

"There’s a lot of uncertainty with a major election like this,” said Dr. Julian Ford, who is the professor of psychiatry at UConn Health. 

Ford said there’s a lot at stake in the election. It’s a choice between two very different candidates, and people are worried about the economy, and what’s going to happen with things like taxes and health care.

While elections do tend to bring on lively debates, this year it's became a challenge and even a battle.

Many are finding it tough to discuss the election or the candidates without getting angry and upset.

Ford said people should explain their position but also try to let someone else explain theirs, but in some cases a calm conversation may not be possible.

"It’s wise for couples to recognize this is just too radioactive and it's not something that can be talked about productively ---sometimes it's best to leave it alone and talk about other things,” Ford said.

"That’s what we do… we have coffee every morning and the last thing we talk about is politics,” said Rich Dineno, of Bloomfield.

Ford said the tension should dissipate when the election is over, to some degree, but then many may be anxious over who wins and what they are going to do.

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