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Police warn parents about suspicious candy

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Tampered candy was found at a school in Clinton. (WFSB) Tampered candy was found at a school in Clinton. (WFSB)

Police in one shoreline town warned parents to take a close look at the Halloween candy gathered by their children on Monday night after tampered candy was discovered for the second holiday in a row. 

This year, a box of DOTS was brought to police following the Joel School “Monster Mash” Halloween event on Saturday evening. Police said the box of candy that appeared as if the flaps had been opened and then re-glued. Inside of box, the DOTS candy, which typically comes in assorted colors, were all red, police added. 

Last year, a child found a small needle inside a piece of Halloween candy. Police said a 13-year-old had found a needle inside a fun sized Snickers bar.

In both incidents, no children were injured by the suspicious candy. 

"When I was a young kid, you were worried about razor blades or sharp objects in your candy, needle tips," Clinton Police Chief Vincent DeMaio said.

Police urged residents, who attended the “Monster Mash,” to carefully examine all candy received at the event before consuming. Police said that if residents are concerned or if candy appears questionable, err on the side of caution.

Authorities were testing the DOTS candies and box obtained after the “Monster Mash” to determine what they are. 

Police were asked if the two incidents were connected. 

"It's hard to say, but we take each one of these events very seriously," DeMaio said. "We take the candy we recovered on Saturday up to the state lab just to make sure it hasn't been tampered with or it's not tainted. And we don't want to have copycats."

With children going out on Halloween night, police said there are some steps parents can do and they can start with checking the candy by looking for open wrappers or boxes.

"Don't let them eat candy while they're out trick or treating, wait until you get home, inspect all the candy," DeMaio said. " Any thing that appears to be open, re-sealed, anything that doesn't look right, really discard that."

Parents reacted to the tampered candy discovery. 

"It's a little suspicious, hope they find out whomever is doing this," Steven Jara, of Clinton, said. 

"It's terrible that somebody, if it's indeed true that someone would go through that much trouble to cause an issue," Vickie Blake, of Clinton, said.  

Police told Eyewitness News they will have extra police out as they do every Halloween to make sure the kids are safe. They're asking people to drive slow. 

Anyone with any information or who finds more tampered candy was asked to call the Clinton Police Department at 860-669-0451.

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