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Experts explain inner-workings of Q Poll

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Experts at the Quinnipiac Poll explain how it works (WFSB) Experts at the Quinnipiac Poll explain how it works (WFSB)

There are a lot of polls out there, especially during presidential elections.

Some question whether they’re reliable, because it’s getting harder to collect sample opinions.

The Quinnipiac University poll officials explained to Eyewitness News how it does things many others cannot, and shared how it has expanded since it started.

There were once only 40 polling stations, and now there are 200.

"Everyone wants horse race results on a daily basis… what's happening, who is ahead,” said Doug Schwartz, director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

For polls, reliability depends on accuracy. Schwartz said it’s all about targeted results.

"The goal is to most accurately represent voters,” Schwartz said.

The Quinnipiac Poll has risen to national prominence. All of its funding comes from Quinnipiac University and they don’t accept any outside financial support.

Unlike other polls, Quinnipiac is not automated. They do call cell phones.

Half of the population only uses cellphones, not landlines. Many are young voters and minorities, who tend to be democrats.

Robocall polls can leave those voters out.

How do they pick voters? A computer does, so that it is completely random.

For this presidential election, Quinnipiac has done 700 polls.

Quinnipiac has been around for well over 20 years.

In this presidential election, they are seeing something they've never seen before. Two candidates who very few people like.

When asked what could happen if people don’t want to vote, Schwartz said it depends on who the voter is.

In their latest poll, it focuses on four swing states – Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. What happens there could determine the election.

It is possible another poll could be released between now and Tuesday’s election.

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